Are You Teachable, Momma?


One of the most important qualities I want to live out and pass on to my kids is being teachable.  If you are teachable, you are constantly learning, doing research, being a good listener, and moving forward. Being teachable casts away pride.

I never want to be unteachable. When we get to the point that we think we know the right way or the only way, that is when we stop growing. I’m sure you have heard the saying that ‘they are just stuck in their ways’. I don’t want to become stuck in my own ways when I get older. That is such a limiting mindset and doesn’t help anyone.

Are You Teachable, Momma? 1
Are You Teachable, Momma? 2

I’m starting to see a lot of moms who are already ‘stuck in their ways.’ This is really sad. I don’t know if it is a generational characteristic or what. But, I don’t think any mom can truthfully say they are an expert in parenting and that their way is the right way.

When moms stop being teachable, they won’t listen to feedback, read books, blogs, or listen to podcasts that will help them become a better mom. They suffer and their kids suffer.  We are not meant to be know-it-alls.

Relationships are built when we are teachable. We want our children to be teachable, so shouldn’t we be teachable? I’m not trying to finger-point, but this is a problem. There are some areas in my parenting that I need to be more teachable. This is a process.

So how do we become more teachable?


Don’t be Judgy

Listen to someone who has different parenting views than you and ask questions. Learn from others why they are parenting the way they are. Ask them questions so you can understand them. Learn from other perspectives. You still might disagree with them, but you will able to understand their heart. Most moms are just wanting to do what is best for their kids. Their method might look different than yours, and that’s ok.


 Start Learning Again

Read a new parenting book, blog, or podcast. Knowledge is power. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I never read or listened to podcasts. My parenting style changed from one book. Books have changed my life for the better. And if you feel like you don’t have time, listen to audiobooks or podcast. Make time for it. Readers are leaders.

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Watch What You Say

What we say becomes our child’s inner voice. Are we uplifting our kids or constantly scolding them? How do you talk to your children?

What we say about our kids and to our kids becomes their future. I just read an amazing parenting book called “Why I Didn’t Rebel” by Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach. She talked about how the majority of kids that rebel has parents that call their kids stubborn, sassy, drama-queen, or say things like when he becomes a teenager, he is going to sneak out. And guess what, when you speak negative things into your child’s identity, they will fulfill it. We need to speak words of life over our children.

If you feel like you are stuck and not moving forward in life, become teachable. We are never meant to be stuck in our ways. Never stop learning. Mend broken relationships that have been damaged by different beliefs or perspectives. Listen and learn. Let’s start uplifting mothers, we all need it!
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