The Simple Hack that Practically Purges Your Closet for You


Do you walk into your full closet and come out frustrated feeling like you have nothing you want to wear? You are not alone.

According to a recent study, the average American woman believes that 21% of her clothing is ‘unwearable,’ 24% of the clothing is too loose, and 33% of the clothing is too tight. And to make matters worse, 12% of the clothes are new and unworn.

That means that we don’t feel good wearing 90% of our clothes. Yikes!! How can we get to the place where we actually love all of our clothes without taking a day or more to go through our clothes?

Tackling your wardrobe can be daunting. I know I’ve made excuses like I’m not emotionally ready to handle it or I don’t have the time. This simple hanger hack practically purges your closet for you. 

The Simple Hack that Practically Purges Your Closet for You 1

My husband came up with this simple hanger trick. He adapted the classic hanger trick to make it more simplistic and doable by turning all the hangers around at the beginning, then hang your clothes normally.

Let me walk you through this adapted hanger trick, so you and the rest of your household can easily purge your closets.

The Hanger Trick: 


Turn Every Hanger Backwards

This literally will take about 5 minutes and you don’t have to turn each one individually. Save yourself some time by turning the hangers around in batches. By turning every hanger backward at the beginning, means that you won’t have to think about what direction you need to rehang your clothes. You are doing the work now, so you can be on autopilot later.


Set a Date to Purge Your Closet

Choose a date and WRITE it on your calendar. Make a phone reminder if you have to. You have a coffee date with your closet. Make it happen preferably within 30-90 days from now, so you can really see what you actually wear over time. If you are wanting to purge your closet now, check out my post, “How to Gain Freedom by Letting Go of Most of Your Clothes.”


Put Away Laundry as Usual

Hang your clothes normally until it is purge time. Make sure your hanger is facing the normal directing (inward) so you can easily distinguish what you are wearing. The rest of your hangers will be facing outward until you wear them.  This is the easiest step.


Closet Purging Day

The day is finally here! Give yourself some time so you will actually finish it. Pull out all of the hangers that are backward (the clothes you haven’t worn). These are the only clothes you will need to go through. Woohoo! Way to save yourself some time!

Keep the clothes that you truly love and that make you feel good when you are wearing it. If you don’t know how to purge your closet or just want some tips to make this process a lot easier, check out my post “How to Gain Freedom by Letting Go of Most of Your Clothes.”  Donate the clothes that you don’t wear and throw out clothes that have stains and holes.


If you want to deal with your closet slowly, try this hanger hack.  Having a closet full of clothes you love is quite the treat and what we all deserve. Picking out your clothes in the morning will be a breeze. Try using this technique during different seasons, so all of your clothes have been gone through.  I love using this technique for my husband and kids. They end up purging their own closets without even realizing it.

Most importantly make a pact with yourself that you won’t continue buying clothes that are just ok or on sale, only buy clothes that you actually love.

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  1. Jenn with the Traveling Hat

    Wow, what an interesting concept. I never heard of this one before, but I think I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. Thank you for the idea!


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